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Errors at program start?

Posted: 16 May 2011, 05:52
by LorenAmelang

I (still) have the original WM5 Moto Q. Have several PockeTTY shortcuts to different servers, but they all use the same icon in the home screen taskbar. I really want them recognizable!

I just installed your IconXT cab from the web. It always says "unexpected error", "NotSupported Exception", at Microsoft.AGL.Common.MISC.HandleAR(),
and then at twelve more locations down to MainForm.Main. I don't see any way to copy it all for you...

AFAIK I have DotNET 2 and 3.5 installed. But no touchscreen, and a horizontal QVGA screen. Any idea what it is complaining about? I've never seen a program totally fail like this unless it didn't know about the Smartphone format. I don't see any horizontal QVGA screen shots on your site...

Re: Errors at program start?

Posted: 19 May 2011, 19:59
by Cocotteseb

Motorola Q is a smartphone device as you said.
That may be the reason in fact. IconXT is not designed to work on the smartphone platform.

The screen size should not be the cause. It is more probably caused by a special component not adapted for smartphone. However I'm curious about the exact cause. On the details page of the error, you should have more information near the line MainForm.main a line number. Could you give me it, so I can have a look.

IconXT's purpose is to customize the icon of folders in the file explorer and in the start menu. I'm not sure IconXT is what you are looking for as you are mentioning the taskbar...

Thank you for your interest.

Re: Errors at program start?

Posted: 20 May 2011, 02:12
by LorenAmelang

Thanks for the reply!

Unfortunately, there are no line numbers in the error detail. Should they be in the "()" parens? Those are all empty.

"at IconXT.MainForm.Main()"

above that is MyForms.get_MainForm()
then MyForms.Create__Instance__0()

A ways up is System.Windows.Forms.Splitter..ctor()
I'm not aware of Smartphone windows allowing a splitter...

Oh, well. Good point about the "Today Screen" taskbar. But it seems to use the exact same icons as the explorer and start menu, so I was hoping changing those would be sufficient.


Re: Errors at program start?

Posted: 26 May 2011, 20:29
by Cocotteseb

I've got the time to check your problem.

Indeed the start error was caused by the splitter. However there are some other controls such as radio buttons,etc... that are not compatible with smartphones. The layout is not adapted to the smartphone requirements and moreover the icons in in the smartphone version of Windows Mobile has a different value called the DPI which is different from devices with a touch screen. Therefore all the available skins are not compatible with a QVGA smartphone screen.

To sum up, there is too much to change to make a decent smartphone build and it is not in the current plan. Sorry.