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ProjectXT 1.0.6 Public Beta 1

Posted: 20 Jan 2007, 16:23
by Cocotteseb
Thanks everybody for being patient for the new update.
I'm pleased to announce today the release of ProjectXT 1.0.6 Public beta :)

* Public Beta Version: This build is considered as a "public beta" version. That means that there may be bugs, so please backup before.

What's new?

1. Details form

-Activate the Edit menu
-Browsing projects
-Added D-pad support for browsing. Left for the previous project and right for the next one.

2. Main form

-Corrected complete function : if the project is in automatic mode, it will switch into the manual mode with a progress of 100%
-Projects with 100% are now in gray color and strikeout font.
-Context menu is extended :
  • When no project is selected, some related choices are disabled in context menu
  • Added possiblity to change the progress of a project directly from the main form through a popup menu. When the percent reaches 100% you can to choose to change the project status into "finished"
  • Added possibility to change the status of a project directly from the main form through a popup window
  • Added possibility to change the priority of the project directly from the main form

3. Others


-Gradient is now updating when the main form is resizing in landscape.
-Gradients are now pictures and no more drawn on the form. (scrolling looks better and display is faster)
-WM2003: Folders in the picture browser are sorted in alphabetical order.
-WM5: ProjectXT now uses the default image browser of Windows Mobile 2005 System.


-WM5:Gradients now match to the system colors.
-WM5: even item background color is according to the system color.

You can download the lastest build here :

Enjoy! :)