SBSH Codename Guru 1.0 public beta 3 released!

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SBSH Codename Guru 1.0 public beta 3 released!

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Note : 30 November 2006

Hello everybody ! :)

After a few months of hard work I'm pleased to announce today the initial release of SBSH Codename Guru version 1.0 public beta 3! yahoo.gif


This initial release corresponds to a new product of JDH Software that I plan to develop intensively! Of course, I will also follow feature requests made by the users and issue reports.The request of such an application has come from an idea of Spmwinkel in SBSH forums (, that is why we are all here!

So, what is SBSH Codename Guru? :)

SBSH Guru allows the user to create skin groups for multiple applications and to switch easily skins for multiple apps in one click.

1.Stand-alone application

SBSH Guru is a stand alone application.
Version 1.0 beta 3 includes support for Today themes, PocketBreeze and PocketWeather.
Its wizard-like interface lets you to configure easily each part of the skin group. This means that during configuration for the theme, the user can go back or next as he wants or simply cancel the theme. Each "page" is set for an application and for each application you can choose to skin it or not.


Note : Today screen changing is a complexed process because of themes versions, operating systems and the undocumentation about that from Microsoft.
So if you need to report a bug concerning this, please specify the OS (WM2003SE,WM2005,....), the size of the screen (QVGA or VGA), the theme you try to apply, and also the previous theme. These informations should help me to duplicate the issues.

2.The skin/configuration files

The "Guru theme" is a simple XML file located in <SBSH Guru installation folder>/Themes. It contains the the path/skin name for the the applications which are included in the Guru theme.
You can create as many themes you want on your device and you can also delete them if you do not like them. happy.gif

Downloading SBSH Codename Guru

IMPORTANT: In order to run SBSH Guru you must have the Compact Framework 2 installed on your device.
If you haven't it yet you can install it using the following url: ... laylang=en
Great news, the CF2 SP1 can now be installed on a storage card (useful for WM2003/SE devices)

SBSH Guru can be downloaded from free using one of the following: ... uSetup.exeSBSH Guru PC only installer ... ru2003.CABSBSH Guru WM2003/SE CAB ... ru2005.CABSBSH Guru WM2005 CAB ... u100b3.zipSBSH Guru Complete package (all previous)

SBSH Guru supports Windows Mobile 2003 first and second edition devices and Windows Mobile 5 devices.

What's planned in the future ?

From this point, I plan to focus in adding new skinnable applications in the Guru theme process such as SBSH Clock, Wisbar Advance 2,....There are indeed lots of them which can be added. It could be great to see the most wanted by the users. :)
I also plan the ability to automatically switch themes based on time.

The most important for me at this stage is to hear what you think, what ideas and features you would like to see added to the product. :)


Just before to finish my post, I would like to thank Amit Regev for his help, the forum hosting and especially advices! :)

Now let's fun! cool.gif
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