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Posted: 16 Sep 2006, 17:50
by Cocotteseb
As Vista RC1 is now publicy available, I've done a new Vista skin (yes again! ;) ) with icons from RC1.
The skin is both compatible QVGA and VGA.

<a href=' ... n&dl_id=25' target='_blank'>Download here!</a>

Enjoy! :)

Posted: 22 Sep 2006, 12:33
by Xcilion
I saw it on the frontpage. It looks great :D!

Posted: 22 Feb 2007, 04:24
by hrk

May i know how to install the skin suite?
there is no proper nmanual for this?


Posted: 22 Feb 2007, 17:44
by Cocotteseb
Hi hrk,

Welcome to our forums! B)

There is unfortunately no manual at this date. :/
Moreover skins change a litlle depending the version you are using. In the last version there is a new "organisation" as described here : <a href='index.php?showtopic=212' target='_blank'>index.php?showtopic=212</a>

At worse, you replace the skin file with the default one. I will do my best to update skins ASAP with the last version of IconXT.

For the past weeks, I've working really hard on the next beta of SBSH Guru and a new version should be out in the next few days B)