Collect your games !

Library application for video games to track your collection and your wishlist.


GameXT is a library application for video games. Track your current and upcoming games from large online databases and use advanced grouping, sorting and filtering options to view your collection in a brand new way. Watch how your collection evolves over time by consulting statistics.


Release : 1.0.1

Main features

Track your games

Build your library by retrieving automatically full game information with cover pictures from two large online databases : TheGamesDb and GiantBomb.

You can also add your games manually or adjust every single field to have more control on your collection. Store additional information such as time played, purchase price, store,...

Make a list of platforms, publishers, developers,...

Add labels with custom colors to your games.

Browse your game collection

Switch between list view with advanced grouping/sorting facilities and cover view. The list view also allows you to view additional data such as playing time, the price / hour, ...

Use the predefined filters (collection / release date) or create your own for to give another vision to your library.

GameXT also supports DLC / Add-ons that you can display in a tree structure.

Details view

Browse saved data on each of your games using the details view. There you can see all information that have been retrieved and set as well as links to data providers pages. If the game is on your wishlist, there is a shortcut to make your purchase on Amazon.


Nothing beats the statistics and charts to see how your collection evolves over time. Discover how your collection is evolving.

Many views are available :

  • By platform
  • By purchase year
  • By release year
  • And more to discover...

Display them as lines, bar, pie, radar,...

A series of totals let you view your library in a glance.


Customize the layout the way you want : move, hide or dock panels.

Your layout is automatically saved at each application shutdown but you can store different layouts and changing when you want.

Data providers

GameXT can get data about your games (description, release date, genre ...) thanks to large databases: IGDB, GiantBomb &

but wait...

There’s more !



Are you a player with too many games ? Me too :)
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GameXT is free. Enjoy !



Entirely translated
in English and French


Krypton style

GameXT uses Krpyton components to provide an Office style and a ribbon.