Customize your file explorer !

Skinning application for the Pocket PC file explorer.


IconXT allows you to change the icons in the file explorer, add new shortcuts in the start menu, skins support.


Release : 1.5.3

Main features


Change your default folder icons in Pocket PC file explorer by custom ones to instantly find the right folder.

There are several skins available. Check them out.

Full VGA support for both application and skins.

IconXT is compatible with the built-in file explorer, Wisbar Advance Desktop, Total commander,... It is partially compatible with Resco Explorer since version 5.40. IconXT is not compatible with Gsfinder+.


Create or delete folder's shortcuts in the Start Menu of your Pocket PC.

Handle your file types while changing their icons.

Background history

IconXT is a fork of iConfig application developped by Le Sage in eVB (Embedded Visual Basic). As Le Sage stopped the development of iConfig, he authorizes me to take developement in VB.NET using his sources under the name of IconXT. To get more information, please visit his website. From version 1.5 the source code of IconXT has been completely rewritten from scratch.

but wait...

There’s more !



IconXT is free. Enjoy !



Entirely translated in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish



High resolution support
for high-end Pocket PCs

Thanks to


For all the awesome graphics stuff

Dlb, CrystalXP and Everaldo

For their permissions to use Crystal icons in a skin

Le Sage

For his agreement to fork iConfig.

Translators *

German : Dotterbart
Italian : Diggia
Spanish : Alakentu