Krypton OutlookGrid

Grouper, trier et admirer !

Version personnalisée de la DataGridView du .NET Winforms (C#) avec des capacités de regroupement et tri multiples.

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This column enables the use of conditional formatting. Only one condition is allowed per column. Three types of formatting are available :

  • Bar : displays value as a bar (solid or gradient filling)
  • 2-color scale : displays cells with background color varying between two colors.
  • 3-color scale : displays cells with background color varying between three colors.

Please see here for more information.


This column displays the percentage value with a bar. The color depends on the Krypton palette. If you want to make customizations, please take a look (for now) to the conditional formatting or hack the code ;).


This column displays rating cells in the datagridview.


This type column does not exist in the standard datagridview. It is here to fill the gap.

To use it you must add an TextAndImage object to the cell value :

public TextAndImage(string text, Image img)


This column allows to display data in a "token" format :

/// <summary>
/// Constructor
/// </summary>
/// <param name="text">Text of the token</param>
/// <param name="text">Text of the token</param>
/// <param name="bg">Background color</param>
/// <param name="fg">Foreground text color</param>
public Token(string text, Color bg, Color fg)

There is a derived column called "KryptonDataGridViewTokenListColumn" which allows to have a list of Tokens displayed in the cell.


This column is the key to use the tree grid mode functionality. Please see here for more information.